Reading Recovery

Short Tales Press leveled reading books are perfect for a number of reading assistance programs specifically geared toward helping students who are not reading, or reading below proper grade level.  One such program is Reading Recovery®.  Short Tales Press leveled readers utilize engaging story lines, educational fonts and beautiful photographs to help students relate to and immerse themselves in the act of reading by making it enjoyable and rewarding.  Unlike traditional children’s books, leveled readers go a step further by focusing on specific goals and benchmarks associated with programs like Reading Recovery®.  Short Tales Press leveled readers will help teachers and parents alike support their child’s academic growth by creating a strong foundation of childhood literacy.

Reading Recovery® is defined more specifically below:

“Reading Recovery (RR) is the copyrighted name of a teaching method intended to promote rapid improvement in the reading skills of struggling first graders (Reading Recovery Council of North America [RRCNA], 2004). Students who are identified as reading significantly below grade level receive daily, one-on-one lessons from teachers who have received extensive special training, including at least one academic year spent studying with an RRCNA-registered “teacher leader” (RRCNA, 2004). Each RR teacher has no more than four students assigned to her/him at any given time (Collins, 1999). Lessons are half an hour long and typically continue for 12 to 20 weeks, after which a new student begins work with the RR teacher (RRCNA, 2004). Students who go through RR once generally do not go through it again (RRCNA, 2004). It is used most often with students who have learning disabilities and/or those who are “educationally disadvantaged” (Thomas, 1992).”

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Short Tales Press leveled readers are designed assist both educational facilities and parents in promoting childhood literacy.  They make a great companion to any reading curriculum as well as the perfect bedtime story for your children.  All Short Tales Press leveled readers contain age and content appropriate story lines with relatable characters.  The children’s books are written with a large and easy to read educational font to make the act of learning easy and fun.  Try a set of Short Tales Press book today and help your child get the best education possible.

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