Guided Reading

Short Tales Press leveled reading books are perfect for a number of reading assistance programs specifically geared toward helping students who are not reading, or reading below proper grade level such as Guided Reading.  Short Tales Press leveled readers utilize engaging story lines, educational fonts and beautiful photographs to help students relate to and immerse themselves in the act of reading by making it enjoyable and rewarding.  Unlike traditional children’s books, leveled readers go a step further by focusing on specific goals and benchmarks associated with programs like Guided Reading.  Short Tales Press leveled readers will help teachers and parents alike support their child’s academic growth by creating a strong foundation of childhood literacy.

Guided Reading is described in more detail below:

“According to Fountas and Pinnell, guided reading is an instructional setting that enables you (the teacher) to work with a small group of students to help them learn effective strategies for processing text with understanding. The purpose of guided reading is to meet the varying instructional needs of all the students in your class, enabling them to greatly expand their reading powers (p.189 – 191).

Guided reading is a teaching approach that is designed to help individual students learn how to process a variety of increasingly challenging texts with understanding and fluency. Guided reading occurs in a small-group setting because the small group allows for interactions among readers that benefit them all. The teacher selects and introduces texts to readers, sometimes supports them while reading the text, engages the readers in discussion, and performs a mini-lesson after the reading. Sometimes after reading a text, the teacher extends the meaning of the text through writing, text analysis, or another learning activity. The lesson may also include work with words based on the specific needs of the small group (p.193).”

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Short Tales Press leveled readers are designed assist both educational facilities and parents in promoting childhood literacy.  They make a great companion to any reading curriculum as well as the perfect bedtime story for your children.  All Short Tales Press leveled readers contain age and content appropriate story lines with relatable characters.  The children’s books are written with a large and easy to read educational font to make the act of learning easy and fun.  Try a set of Short Tales Press book today and help your child get the best education possible.