Educational Programs

Childhood literacy is arguably the most important issue facing our education system today.  Without the foundation of basic literacy children are less likely to excel in their education.  Short Tales Press leveled reading books are designed to help develop fundamental reading skills in children who are below grade level or lack the basic ability to read and comprehend written texts.  Similar to traditional children’s books, Short Tales Press leveled readers utilize engaging story lines and recognizable characters to help children relate and immerse themselves in books.  However, Short Tales Press children’s’ books go a step further to help reach recognized benchmarks and goals through educational fonts and specific word and phonetic choices that parallel recognized reading programs currently used in the educational system.  Reading Recovery® and Guided Reading are widely used education systems that focus on increasing childhood literacy through tested practices that build fundamental reading skills and overall basic literacy and comprehension.  Short Tales Press leveled readers are specifically designed to be used with programs like Reading Recovery® and Guided Reading and fit within any educational institution’s current curriculum.  As teachers, Short Tales Press leveled readers will help your class as a whole maintain a basic understanding of the texts and develop fundamental reading skills together, ensuring every student reaches their goals and potential.  Short Tales Press books also work well for parents working with their children at home by providing easy to learn and follow texts that will foster a love of reading and family bonding through shared enjoyment of the stories.  Try Short Tales Press leveled readers today and give your child the best head start you can.

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