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Childhood literacy is arguably the most important issue facing the american education system today.  Without the fundamental skills of basic literacy and comprehension a child’s chances of success later in life are drastically reduced.  Short Tales Press strives to create content that provides that basic foundation through our leveled readers and Chapter books.  Short Tales Press leveled readers are a great asset to any program that fosters childhood literacy and seeks to support the success of our youth in the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Here are some staggering statistics on childhood literacy published in the National Illiteracy Action Project 2007-2012:

° The single most significant factor influencing a child’s early educational success and achievement (first

and second grade) is an introduction to books and being read to at home prior to beginning school.(U.S. Department of Education, A Nation at Risk, 1985)

º Twenty-two million people each year (44,000 people each week) are added to the adult illiteratepopulation in the United States. (U.S. Department of Education)

º Approximately 20% of American adults do not have a high school diploma. (U.S. Census 1990)

º An estimated 5 million adults holding jobs are considered functionally illiterate. (Nation’s Business)

º Workers who lack a high school diploma earn a mean monthly income of $452, compared to $1,829for those with a bachelor’s degree. (National Adult Literacy Survey, 1993)

º Four out of ten job applicants tested in 1992 for basic reading and/or math skills lacked the masterynecessary for the job they sought. (National Adult Literacy Survey, 1993)

º Parents with low literacy skills often do not have access to written information that could help thembecome better parents. (National Adult Literacy Survey, 1993)

º A child who grows up in a home with at least one illiterate parent is twice as likely to be illiterate.(Laubach Literacy Statistics)

º Children who have not already developed some basic literacy practices when they enter school arethree to four times more likely to drop out in later years. (National Adult Literacy Survey, 1993)

It is now more important than ever to give our children a strong foundation of literacy to ensure our continued success as a society on global scale.  Declining education rates and frequent adult illiteracy shake the very foundation of our country.  We as Parents and educators need to take action both at home and in schools.  Short Tales Press believes we have the ability to over come childhood illiteracy and bring back the fundamental strength of the American education system.

Teach your children to read by setting an example.  A child is never to young to hear a story.  Short Tales Press leveled readers can help you connect and strengthen your child’s overall reading and comprehension skills, while bringing you closer together through the act of spending quality time with you children discussing and experiencing a shared story.

In an educational setting, Short Tales Press leveled readers offer a fantastic compliment to established reading programs like Reading Recovery® and Guided Reading.  The can be used in conjunction with your current curriculum or begin a new standard for your early education reading programs.  Either way Short Tales Press educational children’s books will increase you ability to help a child build that strong fundamental foundation of literacy to help them succeed in all their future educational endeavors.

Try them today, and see what we can do together to stop childhood illiteracy.

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